How to download satellite data from Sentinel-5P Hub

In this tutorial you will learn how to automatically download data from the satellite Sentinel-5P using Python. The functions needed for this tutorial can be found at:

Clone the repository

!git clone

Install required modules

!pip install sentinelsat

!pip install pandas

!pip install numpy

!pip install ipywidgets

Import functions

%run missions/sentinel-5p/

Define dataset characteristics

mission = ‘sentinel-5p’
processing_lev = ‘L2’
parameter = ‘NO2’
start_date = ‘2021-11-18’
end_date = ‘2021-11-18’
lon_min, lon_max = 0, 4
lat_min, lat_max = 40, 43

Download dataset by query

input_type = ‘query’
path = ‘../../data/sentinel-5p/’ + parameter + ‘/L2/’
download_data(input_type, path, processing_lev, parameter, start_date, end_date,
lon_min, lon_max, lat_min, lat_max)

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